CHONEX was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists with the mission of helping farmers build a more sustainable food supply and heal and regenerate our topsoils. Chonex is fulfilling this mission by developing a patented-process that will help recycle billions of tons of animal manure annually into high-value products for sustainable agriculture.


This process will help the agriculture industry address the important challenge of building a more sustainable way to meet the world’s demand for plant growth. With backing from the industry, top tier investors and other veterans in the industry, CHONEX is currently refining its process to handle the large volumes of poultry manure being produced each year.


Direct Application:
Mix into soil or potting mix at a rate of one cup per gallon.  Top dress at a rate of ¼ cup per plant.  For larger acreages, broadcast at a rate of 200 lbs/acre.

Liquid Application:
For a rapid extraction to use immediately mix ¼ cup frass per gallon of water and let sit for 30 minutes out of direct sunlight. Use as a root drench for transplants, or strain out the solids and use for watering.

For brewing tea, our product can be used as the sole source of nutrients and microorganisms, or can be blended with other ingredients as desired. For a tea, use the following guidelines based on brewer size:

Brewer size Frass amount
5 gallons 4 cups (about 1.5 lbs)
50 gallons 5 lbs
250 gallons 10 lbs

Suggested brew time is 48 hours.  Our biostimulant tea is an especially good source of protozoa, which consumes bacteria and excrete nutrients close to the plant’s root zone.  The residual product that has been used for brewing tea can be recycled after brewing as a mulch or seed starting medium that is packed full of microbes and will not burn plants.