SaliCrop Whitepaper: Yotvata Israel Sweet Corn Fields Trials 2019

During spring of 2019 (Feb-May) and autumn of 2019 (Sept-Dec), Salicrop conducted two sweet corn field trials with sweet corn seeds variety “7210”. The trial conducted with Kibbutz Yotvata grower in the Southern tip of Israel. The field trial location faced extreme desert conditions: dry, hot/cold and salty environment. The sweet corn was irrigated with salty (brackish) water of EC 5 to 2.5.
Salicrop treated the 7210 seeds with its proprietary seeds treatment for Abiotic stress tolerance (salinity stress and drought stress) and handover the treated seeds to the grower. The grower cultivated treated seeds side by side next to untreated seeds.
Trial was monitored and inspected by Kibbutz Yotvata Farm agronomist which visited the site periodically.