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Broadband Mapping Initiative Report

Pilot project in better mapping of rural broadband access and need. Pilot in Missouri and Virginia. Report shared by Tim Arbeiter 9/25/2019. 

Chris Heins

Chuck Miller

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Corvin Schoen

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Garrett Riekhof

Grain Storage Sensors

The ask was for a throw-away sensor that could be added to the grain as it is placed in storage. Basically wanted a cheap, reliable grain storage montitoring system.

Jacob / Kimberly Jones

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Kevin Fennewald

Kevin Rosenbohm

Map of Missouri Broadband Access

Map (no data files) for Missouri broadband access.  Missouri Broadband Access data from the latest American Community Survey which tries to refine the FCC maps Federal Broadband Datasets excellent slider map (split-pane) to see difference between FCC  Healthy Futures (hospitals and access) Location of hospitals (blue squares) and rating of access to primary care physicians Educational Access (schools and household access) shading is households with no internet as percentage, darker is higher percentage w/o

Mike Rosenbohm

Missouri Cattlemen's Association

2306 Bluff Creek Dr. Columbia, MO  

Peter Rost

Missouri Soybean Association

Supervisor Systems

Pocket-sized NIR Scanner that connects wirelessly to the SCiO App on your smart device. Get accurate dry matter results in under a minute. Scan history and results are available within the app and are easily sharable through email and messaging. With a Basic Forage subscription, you can test: - Corn Silage - Legume Silage - Grass Silage - Dry Hay - Small Grain Silage - Fresh Corn Silage - Fresh Legume Silage - Fresh Grass - Fresh Small Grain Silage - Mixed Forage Silage - Barley Silage - TMR. With additional subscription, you can add the Corn on ...

Tom Waters

University of Missouri System BROADBAND INITIATIVE