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Andy Clay

Blake Hurst

Blue River Technology

Building smart farm machines to manage crops at a plant-level Today, the best practice is to treat all plants as if they have the same needs. See & Spray changes this paradigm, empowering growers to make every individual plant count at scale. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence, Blue River Tech.'s  smart machines can detect, identify, and make management decisions about every single plant in the field.

Charlie Ellis

MU Extension in Lincoln County

Dennis Bork


James Raulerson

Kevin Fennewald

Lynn Clarkson

Clarkson Grain

Peter Rost

Missouri Soybean Association

ROGO - Robotic Soil Sampling Services

Unparalleled Extraction Complete & Custom Depth Control No Core Loss or Compression Reduces Contamination Core Repeatability Returns to Each Core within Inches Accurate Data for Trend Analysis Zero Human Error Complete Autonomy Reliable Packaging and Identification Done Right Every Time    Low Risk Investment  Provided as a Service by the Acre Reduces Risk and Upfront Cost  

Steve Pitstick

T.J. Shambaugh IV


First Pass Software uses current field and machinery data to optimize the in-field operations that ensure the most efficient travel path for all machines in a field. These optimized operational plans are then delivered through pre-set, optimized guidance lines into the GPS systems of present day farming machinery. Launch Pad is an interactive web-based geospatial application developed to help growers optimize the movement of their machinery. Once a user signs up, they’ll have the ability to tweak critical field and equipment specific parameters to create a route plan, based on proprietary First Pass optimization algorithms, that minimizes ...

Wes Seifert