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3Bar Biologics

ACTIVATING THE POWER OF MICROBES 3Bar Biologics greatly improves the health and yield of agricultural crops with simple-to-use, on-site fermentation technology, called LiveMicrobe™, that delivers to farmers at the time of application the most highly viable and abundant beneficial microbes. OUR STORY 3Bar Biologics, formed in 2014 as a spin out of The Ohio State University, is dedicated to improving farm yield, profitability, and sustainability using beneficial microbial products.  We seek to realize the potential of biological products to provide growers with new modes of action to fight resistance, increase nutrient uptake to reduce fertilizer run-off, and ...


AgroSpheres is transforming crop protection with its revolutionary pesticide delivery platform, the AgriCell. The AgriCell is a transformative pesticide delivery technology. Compared to existing formulations, the AgriCell provides better protection of active ingredients, more finely tuned controlled release, and superior pest targeting. Load Encapsulates synthetic or biological actives. Shield Protects actives from harsh environmental conditions. Control Release Enables sustained release of actives. Target Sticks to plant leaves or insects, ensuring the pesticide reaches its target while mitigating off-target exposure.


We deliver biodegradable sustainable biocidal enzymes to protect your crops   Our technology is a one-stop solution for fungi, bacteria and nematode pests. If your seeds are infected, our ZymPureTM technology diffuses free radicals in and around them to kill microbes. To further protect your seeds against future infections, our ZymGuardTM technology creates a protective layer of enzymes around your seed supply that fights off pests. By both eliminating and preventing pest threats, our enzymes kill pathogens where and when it matters.

Groundwork BioAg

LET YOUR GROUND WORK™ We know your farm is not like any other. You put your heart and soul into your farm every day, and your personal character manifests itself in your crops. Agriculture is a complex, living, dynamic ecosystem. And you’ve worked hard to get the balance right. That is precisely why Groundwork BioAg’s R&D team is hard at work perfecting a broad range of solutions for each relevant seed or seedling, cultivation method and climate and soil condition. With 90% of all plants on earth forming symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungi, chances ...

Lavie Bio

Improve food quality, agricultural sustainability and productivity through the introduction of microbiome based ag-biological products.   BETTER BY NATURE Better food for consumers with improved quality and health attributes. Better agriculture for a sustainable enviroment. Nature is the ultimate resource – we partner with the untapped potential of the microbiome.