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Our mission: profitably deliver new farm income and low carbon intensity feedstocks while producing cover crop benefits   www.covercress.com

Intrinsyx Bio

At Intrinsyx Bio, we are commercializing 3 decades of the leading academic research in the plant microbiome. Our endophytic microbes cause crop plants, grasses, ornamental plants, and trees to fix Nitrogen (N2) directly from the atmosphere into ammonia which helps improve nutrient use efficiency, supplement synthetic fertilizer requirements, and increase chlorophyll.  These microbes live in leaves, stems, roots and don't require a nodule.  Our endophyte microbes also mobilize insoluble phosphorus (P2) from soil into roots, as well as increased drought and salt tolerances.

Louis McCarthy

Brewer Science

Nutrient Loss Reduction

The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy calls for innovative ways to limit the loss of nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, to the environment.    Illinois Corn Growers, Illinois NREC, and others have committed resources to finding suitable products and services to meet this need. 


THE OSTARA SOLUTION Ostara’s nutrient recovery solutions are transforming resource recovery— closing the loop on a broken cycle. In addition to the cost benefit of recovering nuisance nutrients, the solution helps protect local waterways from nutrient pollution at a time when clean water, food security, fertilizer runoff, and growing populations are issues for communities around the globe.   would like to meet Molly Biedenfeld


Research shows more than half of fertilizer applied is never utilized by plants. RhizoSorb is a patented technology developed to naturally improve nutrient retention, increase plant uptake, and ultimately reduce leaching and waste. RhizoSorb PLUS acts as a revolutionary nutrient delivery system designed to release phosphorus based on plant demands.   would like to meet Byron Bredael, Director of Sales

Ryan Moss

Brewer Science