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Alexandre Chequim



Systems integrator and model building for farmer decisions.    Talked with Ricardo Balardin and Alexandrea Chequim 2021-01-06 about working in U.S.  Mitigate mistakes in decision making. started with a focus on plant diseases and have extended to other issues Weather Data : micro satellites, weather stations, local forecasts 12 startups working together in Brazil Helpting to build yield, improve profitability Like Waze - crowd source inputs to buy, how to adjust rate, what to change in spray plans 2.5 - 16 bu/acre benefit in soybean 24 parameters used in models Who is your competition? no one with same value proposition ...

Fabiane Kuhn

Raks Tecnologia Agricola

Raks Agriculture Technology

Know in real-time WHEN and HOW MUCH to irrigate. Integrate data from soil, crop, weather and irrigation system, and have the management of your irrigation in your hands.   Solar boards Board that captures solar energy and feeds the entire system, avoiding the need for cables in the field and expenses with electricity. This plate allows the entire system to be fixed and still have clean and renewable energy.   Meter Electronic circuit developed internally to interpret soil moisture information and carry out data transmission via wireless connection, without internet and without cables in the middle of the field.   ...

Ricardo Balardin


Roberto Werneck


Referral from Roberto Werneck, Brazil Satellogic: satellite remote sensing for agriculture and other industries multi-spectral sensor and hyperspectral sensor on each “mini” satellite third payload bay could be LoRaE receiver or other device may be good image supplier to companies developing ‘insights’ for farmers Sebastian will send sample images and spec sheets Had zoom meeting with them on 20201117. 

Sebastian Nojek