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Automated Soil Moisture Monitoring for Irrigation Systems

Inexpensive remote monitoring sensors for soil moisture levels that link to automatic pivot irrigation control systems. Current systems are too expensive to place one or more in each irrigated field. 

Fabiane Kuhn

Raks Tecnologia Agricola

Raks Agriculture Technology

Know in real-time WHEN and HOW MUCH to irrigate. Integrate data from soil, crop, weather and irrigation system, and have the management of your irrigation in your hands.   Solar boards Board that captures solar energy and feeds the entire system, avoiding the need for cables in the field and expenses with electricity. This plate allows the entire system to be fixed and still have clean and renewable energy.   Meter Electronic circuit developed internally to interpret soil moisture information and carry out data transmission via wireless connection, without internet and without cables in the middle of the field.   ...

Trellis (irrigation related)

If you are using soil moisture sensors to manage irrigation, the impact of nitrogen fertilizer should not be ignored. Rather than constantly applying a fixed rate on a schedule, the responsiveness of sensors should be used to apply optimal amounts at the right time. Sentek Triscan soil moisture sensors also give electroconductivity (Ec) readings, which can help you monitor your nitrogen levels and potential fertilizer leaching in real-time.