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Systems integrator and model building for farmer decisions.    Talked with Ricardo Balardin and Alexandrea Chequim 2021-01-06 about working in U.S.  Mitigate mistakes in decision making. started with a focus on plant diseases and have extended to other issues Weather Data : micro satellites, weather stations, local forecasts 12 startups working together in Brazil Helpting to build yield, improve profitability Like Waze - crowd source inputs to buy, how to adjust rate, what to change in spray plans 2.5 - 16 bu/acre benefit in soybean 24 parameters used in models Who is your competition? no one with same value proposition ...


First Pass Software uses current field and machinery data to optimize the in-field operations that ensure the most efficient travel path for all machines in a field. These optimized operational plans are then delivered through pre-set, optimized guidance lines into the GPS systems of present day farming machinery. Launch Pad is an interactive web-based geospatial application developed to help growers optimize the movement of their machinery. Once a user signs up, they’ll have the ability to tweak critical field and equipment specific parameters to create a route plan, based on proprietary First Pass optimization algorithms, that minimizes ...