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Kevin Fennewald


Unique Seed Treatment. SaliCrop utilizes a unique wet chemistry process that stimulates an Epi-Genetic reaction to salinity conditions at seed stages.  Non GM, anti A Biotic Stress (ABS) seeds treatments to grow well in high salinity soils or when irrigated with brackish water.   Looks like it would be a good tool for high fertigation areas where salinity has built up to a point of diminishing crop growth.  Looks interesting and white papers were helpful. 

SaliCrop Whitepaper: Maharashtra India Rice Field Trials 2018-2019

Background During Kharif season (June-Oct) of 2018 and 2019 Salicrop conducted each year a rice field trial with local rice seeds variety “Jaya”. The trial conducted with rice farmers at village Masadbedi (Pen, Dist Raigad, Maharashtra, India) near to the Mumbai bay at the sea. Soil salinity in the tested area varies from 13 EC to 2 EC throughout the crop cycle, depending mainly on see water level and monsoon rains.   TREATMENT Salicrop treated the Jaya seeds with its proprietary seeds treatment for salinity tolerance and handover the treated seeds to the farmers. The farmers cultivated treated seeds side by side ...