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Augmenta Field Analyzer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZAKWDjkQ38&feature=youtu.be   6-1-20 .(CC w/ Jim & Kyle). .. they are approaching it not as a trial but as an early sale of the product/service, so the cost would be significant.  They will send details in writing, but on 500 acres, they are proposing $10K for the equipment and $2/A, plus $1,000 for installation.  The $2/a would cover multiple passes on the same acre, if desired.  Higher acre committments would lower the upfront cost of the equipment & installation, but the per acre fee would stay the same.&...

Jake Perino


Unique Seed Treatment. SaliCrop utilizes a unique wet chemistry process that stimulates an Epi-Genetic reaction to salinity conditions at seed stages.  Non GM, anti A Biotic Stress (ABS) seeds treatments to grow well in high salinity soils or when irrigated with brackish water.   Looks like it would be a good tool for high fertigation areas where salinity has built up to a point of diminishing crop growth.  Looks interesting and white papers were helpful. 

SaliCrop Whitepaper: Kissufim Israel Silage Wheat Field Trials 2019-2020

During winter of 2019 and spring of 2020, Salicrop conducted silage wheat field trials with wheat seeds variety “Ariel” by HaZera seeds. The trial conducted with Kibbutz Urim grower in the Northern Negev (Kissufim) in Israel. The field trial was rain fed in a semi desert environment conditions (annual precipitation 215mm): dry, hot/cold environment.