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20210222 notes Jenny Partouche, with the Quebec delegation in Chicago, set up a call with the Bovine Respiratory Disease detection company they had mentioned during our initial call. The company is Aerovirus Technologies.    I was hoping to learn more about their tech and see if it could apply to EAGIC, but what they seem to have has broader implications and I wanted to share the followup materials they sent with you and see if there is a fit on the human healthcare side of things.    Basically, they can detect certain pathogens in the air. As listed in ...

Ambra Milani


BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease) Detection System

Rapid detection system to determine cattle with BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease). 


Bovine Respiratory Syndrome   Bovine respiratory syndrome (BRD) has increased dramatically since the 1970s - 1980s and is now endemic in intensive farming, especially in beef farming. The reason is mainly due to the delicate and relatively small lung volume of the bovine which in stress conditions (transport, early weaning, manipulations, environmental variations) and in a crowded environment, with pathogens in the air such as intensive farming is easily attackable due to a decrease in cellular immunity. How can we limit the damage and what are the factors that favor this pathology? Temperature and Humidity : A high ambient temperature ...

Disease Sensor - Soybeans

have an optical sensor that could look at beans as you harvest and determine the disease that causes them to staygreen and not drop leaves 

Ken Dalenberg