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Ken Dalenberg

On-the-go Soil Moisture Sensor

have a sensor on tillage equipment to indicate if too wet conditions for certain soil types

Precision Planting

Soil Moisture Sensing - Adequate moisture is needed in the soil for a seed to germinate.  If the soil does not have enough moisture for a seed to germinate, it will take a rain shower to get enough moisture for that seed to germinate.  SmartFirmer measures and displays soil moisture in the cab so you can make adjustments to get seeds into adequate moisture. Organic Matter Sensing - In any field, there are multiple yield environments that are determined by differences in the field.  One of the foundations of these differences is the amount of organic ...


The SoilOptix® scanner reads gamma rays emitted by the soil that provide a complex picture of its condition at 335 points per acre. Physical soil samples are integrated into our readings. SoilOptix® uses proprietary software to translate this information into high definition digital maps. The resulting data is VRA ready to maximize seeding and input performance.


  SoilReader is in the final stages of field accuracy and durability documentation and will be available for purchase in 2020. Pre-orders will be accepted soon.    

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